The Rock ‘n Roll Accountant

The Rock ‘n Roll Accountant

If it comes as no surprise that musicians need managers, then it only follows that they really need a good accountant.

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Sorrento Strategic is offering online or phone consults during the COVID-19 period. We understand what a difficult period this has been for artists –the following resources have been collated by WAM.

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We our proud to offer both WAM and APRA AMCOS Members a free half hour consultation.

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Get back to your passion for music

  • Does the word “tax” make you shudder ?
  • Are your receipts in a shoebox under your bed? Or in the console of your car?
  • Are you still using mum and dad’s accountant? Do they understand your industry?
  • Did your accountant tell you not to worry about your music earnings/expenses as it is “just a hobby”?
  • Are you distracted from making music because you’re stressed about money and tax?
  • Unsure about what GST is and whether you need to register?

What my



“Kylie Thompson has been our accountant and key accounts and tax advisor for the past 18 years. In that time she has guided us through immense growth. We started out as sole traders only operating in Australia and we are now a multi company/trust set up that operates in over ten international territories. What we love most about working with Kylie is that she is not adverse to hard work and has a real passion for doing the best job she can while staying absolutely abreast of the most effective strategies for our organisation. She is so sharp and extremely diligent, we are endlessly inspired by her work ethic and integrity and it is a pleasure to work with her.”

Danielle Caruana and John Butler

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